We are a family business that combines the experience and capabilities accumulated during more than 40 years of track record, with the energy, the proactivity and the flexibility of our young professionals.

We are in the business of making our client's life easier.

Our firm commitment with a high level of service has brought us to experiment a sustained growth since the year 1962 to the present time.

Our tested knowledge and skills in the field of external trading, allow us to count with a large and active business portfolio with clients that trust us in a systematic way the international movements of their valuable assets and documents.

Is good to remark that, time after time, our clients recommend our services, helping us to expand the business horizons.


Our long and professional track record can be easily appreciated through the following figures:
  • More than 40 years in the market
  • More than 125.000 dispatches of exports and imports
  • Almost U$S 2.000 millons traded
  • 25 professional services
  • Operations with more than 35 countries
  • Half a hundred active clients
  • Long lasting Business relationships during more than 25 years
  • Strategic agreements with more than 20 companies in different countries
  • Highly skilled professional staff